November 16th 2016 HOA Annual Meeting Notes

Maple Ridge Estates Annual Board Meeting

I. Call to Order

a. In attendance: Board members Brian, Rick, Alberta, Roseana, Pete, Janet, Julie and Shannon.

II. Treasurers Report

Pete handed out a copy of the HOA account balances to all in attendance. He also gave us updates on past due houses for the annual dues, what the expenses were for utilities this year compared to last year and other expenses for the year.

III. Committee Report

a. Maintenance

  • Members of board cleaned the monument this year on the 156th entrance of the neighborhood and Brian replaced the lights. Canber will also be sprucing up the plants on both the upper and lower entrances.
  • Some neighbors of the common area have trees hanging over their yard that are ruining their grass and wanted to know if the HOA could trim the trees since they are in the common area. The board has gotten one bid to trim all trees that hang over neighbors yards and we are working on getting a 2nd bid. While the HOA is not responsible for trimming any branches that hang over peoples yards, we are looking into options.
  • We had sprinkler leaks near the play structure and Canber replaced some of the leaking sprinklers.
  • We recently had an incident with the mailboxes in our neighborhood. After speaking with the mailman, it was determined that a postal employee forgot to lock the mailboxes. Some neighbors reported having some mail stolen as they were left unlocked and opened. They were advised to file a police report online.

b. ACC

  • There is a rat problem at 15601 140th – This house is a rental and the board is in touch with the property management company and they are bringing a company out to look at the rat problem and clean it up. The hillside at that house is full of blackberry bushes and the rats are destroying neighbors car engines.
  • There are a few houses that have trailers/RV’s in their drive ways. Per our CCR’s, they must be hidden from view from the street. One homeowner who has an RV in their driveway was present and had concerns as he has no where else to put his RV. He was reminded where to view the bylaws and CCR’s and we advised the board can help come up with solutions but they would have to move the RV or move it so it is not visible.  The board has also sent out letters to other people who are in violation as well.

IV. Business

a. Noise Pollution Study – Jesse came in and spoke to us about a study he is doing about noise pollution and the effects it has on neighborhoods.

b. Renters-we discussed that we are trying to get in touch with people who are renting so they know the neighborhood has bylaws they also must follow.

c. The board/Rick is working on a one page letter that has the most popular CCR’s on it that we can pass out at events, new home owners and renters.

d. new members-2 members are leaving this year and we did not get any new volunteers.

e. Next meeting is scheduled for 2/8/17 at 7 pm. Place to be determined.

The two winners for half off next years dues are Bob Denesen and Mel Roberts.

September 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes

HOA notes from 9/15/16

Members in attendance: Rick, Pete, Roseana, Alberta, Brian and Shannon

Nonmembers: Sanders

Minutes unanimously approved from last meeting.

Sanders came as his house borders the common area/park at the lower entrance of the neighborhood near 156th. He said one of the trees that is in the common area owned by the neighborhood and maintained by the HOA is hanging over in his yard and is dropping sap and ruining his yard and lawn furniture. He is asking what his options are. The HOA board advised that he can cut down the branches that are on his side of the property and that is up to him as a homeowner to do that since the branches are hanging in his yard. He wanted to know about cutting the tree down or thinning it and what the HOA can do to help out. We advised at this time it appears the HOA is not liable to pay for the tree to be cut down as is not dead or diseased. We discussed maybe getting an arborist to come out and assess the trees in that area. We gave him some options and he will get back to us.

Maintenance: Brian said he has the lights ready to go for the sign to the neighborhood at the 156th entrance. He just needs to put them up.

Treasurers Report: Continue to get requests from people selling houses to get statements and a few have paid over-due HOA fees. 28 houses are still past due for 2016 and about half are more than one year. Pete will send out reminders. We are steadily increasing our reserves since the playground that was built 2 years ago.

ACC: We also went over the Canber proposal to clean up the 156th monument area as well as the 138th monument. The total came to $1,697.25. We removed some items and voted to remove the dead plants at 156th entrance, prune up the area and plant new grass. Also approved to remove any dead plants in the upper entrance and clean it up. Lastly. it was approved to prune and spray the cul-de-sac.  All of these were approved by all member of the board present. This should come to around $1,220.

Concerns from neighbors: There is a light near the upper entrance near the burned down tree stump where a tree is infringing on the light. A concerned neighbor wants to know who is responsible for maintaining the tree.  Not sure of the city is responsible for it as it is there light. Shannon will call the city and inquire.

There is also a house with new security camera equipment and wires that are running on the roof.  Rick on the board said it was just put up and we will monitor to see if it stays that way and if the board needs to talk to the owner about making it in compliance with the neighborhood HOA.

We all voted to have the fall cleanup again. We will order a yard waste dumpster the weekend of Oct 28-30th and put it in the same spot near the common area at 156th entrance. Janet will order the dumpster.

The annual HOA meeting will be 11/16/16 at the Fairwood Library from 7-9 PM. Alberta will get light refreshments and water. We will have the same raffle prizes of 2 people getting half off next year’s dues.

Next meeting will be the annual meeting.

MRE Fall Clean Up!!

The HOA is hosting the Fall Clean Up event for our neighborhood in October 28th, 29th and 30th.

The HOA will be proving a yard waste dumpster for one weekend and it will be in its normal spot across from the play ground in the common area. Time to get rid of all of your tree branches and yard waste from trimming up your yards!

Note: The dumpster being provided is for yard waste only.


MRE Community Wide Garage Sale

Maple Ridge Estates will be hosting the annual community wide garage sale starting Friday, June 17th through Sunday, June 19th.

We encourage all community residents to participate in this year’s garage sale.

Follow the MRE Facebook page to learn more about the Garage Sale and future events.

garage sale

May 12th, 2016 HOA Meeting Notes

Maple Ridge Estates HOA meeting 5/12/16 in the park.

In attendance: Roseana, Cathy, Shannon, Pete, Rick, Brian, Alberta & Janet


  • Shannon will order Mutt Mitts for the 3 dispensers.
  • We discussed re-barking and putting more gravel in the common area/park. We may do this as a community for a project if we are doing the city of Renton picnic as the requirement for the picnic is a community service project. If not, we will get a quote from Canber.
  • We will call Canber about the leak in the park as there is a wet area near the play structure. We will also ask them how much it would be to spruce up the entrance at 156th with more plants.
  • The twisty ladder on the play structure appears to be broken at the top of it. Shannon called the company we bought it from and they are sending out a replacement part that we will put up ourselves.
  • Brian got new lights for the 156th entrance and is in the process of putting them up so the sign at that entrance will be lit up at night.
  • Brian will look into getting a small grant from the city of Renton for a movie in the park.


  • We sent letters to some homeowners where RV’s have been in their driveways longer than the allotted time per our CCR’s and we also sent out letters to houses who still have Christmas lights on their houses. We also have a letter for general yard maintenance and people are responding well to them. There is a car that appears to have bullet holes in it and a lot of pollen on it and we will send out a letter to them as well.
  • We discussed the website Next Door and if out HOA can join. We will look into the and review at the next meeting.

Garage sale is the 3rd weekend in June.

Next meeting not scheduled as we need to know if we will be having a picnic with the city of Renton or if we will do one ourselves as an HOA. Brian is looking into that. Once we know that we will schedule the next meeting

April 14th, 2016 Meeting Notes

Maple Ridge Estates HOA Meeting Notes from 4/14/16

In attendance: Brian, Rick, Pete, Cathy, Roseana, Alberta and Julie

Meeting was help at Ricks house.

Treasurer’s Report:

Pete was present and said he is sending out letters to people who have not paid their annual due’s yet.


Yard waste dumpster: is set to be delivered 4/29/16 to 5/1/16. It will be in its usual place. Brian will update the website and Facebook accounts with info about the dumpster. Julie will put out the A frame boards at each entrance of the neighborhood on 4/18/16. Rick and others will cut up the branches from the tree that fell down in the park and put it in the dumpster.


Various letters were sent out to owners that have flat tires on cars and lawns not in accordance with the CCR’s. The community garage sale is the 3rd weekend in June and Julie will put out the A frame signs and Brian will update the website. Shannon Ellis will try to schedule the City of Renton sponsored picnic.

Next Meeting is set for 5/12/16 at 7 pm in the park.

2016 Spring Cleaning


We are having our Spring Cleaning event for our neighborhood Friday, April 29th-Sunday, May 1st.

The HOA will be proving a yard waste dumpster that weekend and it will be in its normal spot across from the new play ground in the common area. Time to get rid of all of your tree branches and yard waste from trimming up your yards!

February 25th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Maple Ridge Estates Home Owners Association Meeting

Attendance: Roseana, Alberta, Pete, Julie, Brian, Cathy, Janet, Shannon and Rick

Call to Order

New Board Positions:

President: Brian Ellis

Vice President: Rick Sarkany

Treasurer: Pete Giere

ACC Committee: Alberta Denesen, Roseana Fernandez, and Julie Soranaka

Maintenance: Cathy Ollman and Janet Wendt

Secretary: Shannon Creekmore

Cathy Moved to approve these positions, Rick seconded the motion and everyone else in attendance was in favor.

Treasurer’s Report

Pete handed out the current funds in the bank account. 27 houses are past due  on the annual due and of those, 9 are more than one year past due. Pete is going to send out letters.

Committee Reports

Maintenance: Brian is looking into the monument lighting at the north entrance. He is checking on LED spotlights Janet will contact Canber to get quotes for thatching and reseeding the common area. We decided to keep ordering Mutt Mitts for the 3 dispensers we have in the neighborhood, Rick is looking at cheaper options that are biodegradable. We are also going to look at the landscaping at the south entrance to the neighborhood. There are no sprinklers so we would have to get drought resistant plants.

ACC: There is a house with Copp water drainage and Rick will look into this and investigate if we need to intervene as an HOA.  There was one siding request so far this year. There is a house with a car that has flat tires and ACC will send out a letter to the homeowner.


We went over the calendar for the year. We will have a spring cleanup with a yard waste dumpster the weekend of April 29-May 2nd. Janet will follow up with the dumpster vendor we use. We will have the community garage sale the 3rd weekend in June.

Next meeting is April 14th 2016 at 7 PM at Ricks house or the library.


November 9th 2015 Annual Meeting

We held our annual Home Owners Association meeting November 9th 2015 at the Fairwood Library.

We discussed the treasurers report for 2015. While our treasurer was not able to attend the meeting, we did go over the available funds, our savings account and past dues that have not been paid yet.

We went over peoples concerns in attendance which included cigarette butts being left on the sidewalk, more street lights on 158th, solicitors in the neighborhood, and a horse trailer in someones driveway.

We discussed putting up fliers on the mailboxes to handout important information and found out that the USPS does not want us to put anything on the mailboxes. We did get some volunteers from other owners to help pass out fliers.

We got 2 new board members: Roseana Fernandez and Cathy Ollman. Welcome to the board!

We drew two names of people in attendance for half off 2016 dues and the winners were Ron W. and Sharon V.