Architectural Control Committee Form

Please complete and submit for approval prior to beginning of any painting, roofing, fencing, or other structural work, including outbuildings. The Homeowner’s Association Architectural Control Committee will respond to your to your request for approval.

Painting: Please include a website link to a color sample.
Roofing: 40 year composition, tile, or cedar shake roofs are permitted. Please include website link.
Fencing: Only wood fencing is permitted.
Other: Explain in the comments section and include any images if possible.

If you cannot link to the pictures on a website, you can upload any pictures (scanned or digital) to a site like GooglePhotos and link to them here.

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If you prefer to submit your form the old-fashioned way, you can print and mail the following form, along with your samples:

Architectural Control CommittePe Form

Mail to:

Homeowner’s Association
Architectural Control Committee
P.O. Box 59691
Renton, WA 98058