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MRE BoD Meeting 20 February 2020



I. Call to Order at 7pm

II. Attendance1. Present: Michael, Toni, Bob, Pete, Janet, Robert, and Gigi2. Absent: Jess

III. Treasurer’s Report

1. Financials Report out

• HOA letters are being prepared and will be mailed out in early April

• Last big expense – trees removal, playground and park maintenance gravel included; total cost paid

 • Total remaining balance
• Total reserve:  restricted for major expense such as sprinklers.

 • The Board approved a 5% HOA Dues increase.  
• Audit Update (Treasurer’s report) – Pete will handle

IV. Committee Report

1. Maintenance

• Playground, benches, trees, gravel – all done• Spring clean-up – scheduled to 1st weekend of April

• Monuments – will be power washed by Camber

• Michael to request a quote from a professional electrician to repair the lighting on the monument at 156th street. 

• Abandoned house is being cleaned up…would it be put up for sale?  😊

2. ACC

• Christmas Lights – all taken down except one house.

• A couple homeowners need to power wash sidewalks (greasy)

• Air B&B house finally sold.  New owner moved in. 

• Dead trees on one house at 138th and 158th street need to be cut down3. General Discussion

• Janet returned all the HOA documents, paper work, files, and tools – Bob will keep.  Michael suggested to digitize all paper work/documents.

• The Board approved legal consultation for the review of governing documents (CC&R and By Laws).

• Digital email and website (Dodo) – Michael will handle

• General rule and misc notifications to homeowners will be included on the dues letters.  • Official letter head.  Pete to email Mike the official letter head and will be put on the website.  • Three request emails from homeowners:  1) double parking – Bob spoke to homeowner.  Will be resolved by Spring. 2) Add a recycle/donation link to the website – ok.  Mike to add.  3) Mailbox – expensive to replace and post office has to approve.

• Board meeting will be held every 1st Thursday of every other month at 7pm.  Gigi wo send out reminder.  • April 2nd, Thursday 7pm• June 4th, Thursday 7pm• August 6th, Thursday 7pm• October 1st, Thursday 7pm• December 3rd, Thursday 7pm4. 

Open Items

• Mailbox – still undecided/TBD.  Put cameras?

• Sprinklers on monuments.

 • 2020 picnic.  Will write a proposal to the city of Renton and request for sponsorship.  Will need to do some kind of community work that benefits the community.  Bob will prepare a sign-up sheet for the Spring clean-up.

• Next meeting, April 2nd – Location: Online

City Sponsored Picnic Wed 8/12/15

The City of Renton is sponsoring a picnic this Wednesday. I hope everyone got a chance to review the flyer that was passed out last week. The city of Renton is providing hot dogs and the HOA will be providing hamburgers, chips and some beverages. Please bring a side dish to share and also consider bringing canned food items to donate to local food banks. We will be giving out a raffle ticket to those who donate canned food items and have amazing prizes.

The picnic runs from 5:30 to 7:30 and we will also be having a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new playground.

Hope to see you all there!