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MRE BoD Special Meeting 17 June 2020



I. Call to Order at 6pm

II. Attendance Present: Michael, Bob, Robert & Gigi, Jess & Sharon,

                        Absent:  Toni and Pete

III.  General Discussion – main purpose of this special meeting is to discuss and vote on mailbox replacement.

  1. Mail box replacement – the board discussed to replace five to seven boxes depending on the quote and budget.  Jess will call the vendor and ask for quotes and extended discount for the remaining boxes that may be replaced late this year or early next year.
    1. Quote with discount for 10 units.  
    1. Mailbox to be replaced:  A, C, E, F, S
    1. Jess will contact the post office to coordinate as well as handle the key distributions to homeowners
  2. HOA shirt or vest – should the board wear something that has “MRE HOA Board” so homeowners can identify them when walking around soliciting, checking out the neighborhoods, i.e. mailbox, monuments, etc.
  3. Robert – we should receive the final attorney bill soon
  4. Gigi to prepare 2020 financials
  5. Discussed the potential of putting up surveillance cameras, powered by solar and/or electric – wish list as funding becomes available 😊

VI. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:15PM.  Next meeting August 6, Thursday at 6pm.  Location TBD

MRE BOD Special Meeting 22-April 2020

HOA MEETING, 4/22/2020

In Attendance: Mike, Bob, Jesse, Gigi & Robert T

Discussed questions to ask the lawyer:

  • Implementation – must be approved by 75% homeowners. 
    • Initial recommendation by the lawyer was to write a letter and mail to homeowners (HO) and assist the Board with HO questions.
    • Cost varies depending on how much time is expended. Lawyer’s email forwarded to Board Jan. 30, 2020 puts typical cost for amendments to be in the range of $2,500 – $4,000 depending on the number of revisions recommended. Board will ask for a quote.
    • Completion date (how long would it take to complete?)
  • Virtual meeting or conference call with the attorney?  When?

Proposed May 8, Friday at 6:30pm.  Checked with the lawyer.  Dates that work for him are May 11, 12, or 13 at 5:30pm


  • Bob’s questions discussed with the Board:

CCR issues, concerns that I am hoping a rewrite of our documents would provide specific guidance