MRE BoD Meeting 26 May 2020



I. Call to Order at 6pm

II. Attendance Present: Michael, Toni, Bob, Pete, Robert & Gigi, Jess & Sharon, Resident: Sandy

III. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Financials Report – Cash balance; Emergency Reserve
  2. About half of membership dues have been paid

IV. Committee Report

  1. Maintenance
  2. Monuments – will be power washed by Jess and Robert to save $1,500
  3. Michael is looking into solar powered lighting for the monument at 156th street.
  4. The upper monument is not in bad shape; has two light bulbs that are burned, just need to be replaced.
  5. Tampered mailboxes. Warning signs have been posted. Options to reinforce the locks and security cameras are being explored.
  6. ACC
  7. Diseased trees along 138th and 139th (within the homeowners’ property lines) need to be trimmed or cut down. 
  8. Need to contact the city regarding poor drainage on 158th street.

V. General Discussion

  1. Board discussed the lawyer’s recommendations for updating the CC&R and By Laws.
  2. Board to engage the homeowners regarding provisions that are (1) obsolete and inconsistent with the law that must be updated, (2) deemed restrictive or too relaxed that could be improved if there is enough support from members.
  3. Board (Michael and Bob?) will create a flyer that summarizes what’s been done in the neighborhood including the recent application for Articles of Incorporation, and will highlight the concerns on the obsolete CC&R
  4. Community picnic 2020. Covid-19 restrictions still in place. Food truck explored.

VI. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM. Next meeting scheduled July 2nd – location: TBD