MRE BoD Meeting 20 February 2020



I. Call to Order at 7pm

II. Attendance1. Present: Michael, Toni, Bob, Pete, Janet, Robert, and Gigi2. Absent: Jess

III. Treasurer’s Report

1. Financials Report out

• HOA letters are being prepared and will be mailed out in early April

• Last big expense – trees removal, playground and park maintenance gravel included; total cost paid

 • Total remaining balance
• Total reserve:  restricted for major expense such as sprinklers.

 • The Board approved a 5% HOA Dues increase.  
• Audit Update (Treasurer’s report) – Pete will handle

IV. Committee Report

1. Maintenance

• Playground, benches, trees, gravel – all done• Spring clean-up – scheduled to 1st weekend of April

• Monuments – will be power washed by Camber

• Michael to request a quote from a professional electrician to repair the lighting on the monument at 156th street. 

• Abandoned house is being cleaned up…would it be put up for sale?  😊

2. ACC

• Christmas Lights – all taken down except one house.

• A couple homeowners need to power wash sidewalks (greasy)

• Air B&B house finally sold.  New owner moved in. 

• Dead trees on one house at 138th and 158th street need to be cut down3. General Discussion

• Janet returned all the HOA documents, paper work, files, and tools – Bob will keep.  Michael suggested to digitize all paper work/documents.

• The Board approved legal consultation for the review of governing documents (CC&R and By Laws).

• Digital email and website (Dodo) – Michael will handle

• General rule and misc notifications to homeowners will be included on the dues letters.  • Official letter head.  Pete to email Mike the official letter head and will be put on the website.  • Three request emails from homeowners:  1) double parking – Bob spoke to homeowner.  Will be resolved by Spring. 2) Add a recycle/donation link to the website – ok.  Mike to add.  3) Mailbox – expensive to replace and post office has to approve.

• Board meeting will be held every 1st Thursday of every other month at 7pm.  Gigi wo send out reminder.  • April 2nd, Thursday 7pm• June 4th, Thursday 7pm• August 6th, Thursday 7pm• October 1st, Thursday 7pm• December 3rd, Thursday 7pm4. 

Open Items

• Mailbox – still undecided/TBD.  Put cameras?

• Sprinklers on monuments.

 • 2020 picnic.  Will write a proposal to the city of Renton and request for sponsorship.  Will need to do some kind of community work that benefits the community.  Bob will prepare a sign-up sheet for the Spring clean-up.

• Next meeting, April 2nd – Location: Online