Maple Ridge Estates HOA BOD Meeting, Q3 2019

October 21, 2019


Call to Order

  • Attendance
    • Julie, Bob, Janet, Pete, Michael, Toni
  • Welcome New Members
    • No new members

Treasurer’s Report

Financials Report out

  • Some homes still owe for 2019
  • 4 letters returned, Pete will contact houses
  • Completed items:
    • MRE email account upgraded to premium to remove unsightly advertisements – still not showing as premium
    • Banners completed for posting about events
  • Open items (follow up)
    • Quotes for management company HOA assistance
    • Audit of finances required

Committee Reports


Work Completed

  • Inspection/Audit of the playground
    • Complete
    • Recommend a cleaning
    • Recommend trimming nearby trees that overhang the playground
  • Monument
    • Lower monument lights
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Spring cleanup successful, bin was full
  • Janet will be leaving board

Open Items

  • Quote for new gravel in the park trail
    • Gravel needs updating, currently seeking quote
    • Measurement of the pathway/areas to be covered
    • Robert/Janet work on quotes/method for installing
    • Neighborhood assist or pay for labor?
  • Fall cleanup
    • November 9-11th
    • Bin to be placed in front of house near corner
  • gravel needs reseeding by newly installed accessibility area (near SE 156th & 139th CT SE)
  • Upper monument
    • lighting noticeable dimmer than lower section
    • Upper monument lighting pretty much non existent
    • Quote by canber regarding upgrade of upper lighting
  • Lower monument
    • Power is sourced from nearby house
    • Need to verify where power is supplied
    • Janet attempt to contact homeowner
  • Dead tree removal from park


Work Completed

  • Vacant house cleaned up
  • Airbnb house has communicated that the current tenant will be gone end of Summer.
    • House is for sale
  • Board votes unanimous AirBnb violates HOA CCnRs
  • shopping cart by the park lookout need to dig out and get truck to take back to safeway
    • City of Renton has cleaned up the mess per Janet notification
  • Fire hydrants have been repainted
  • Yard in front of fence appears overgrown (140th Ct SE)
    • Owner cleaned this up promptly
  • Trailer in driveway of house at (14013 SE 158th St)
    • Taken care of
  • 13869 has trash/junk/overgrown in front yard/driveway
    • Taken care of
  • Downed tree on sidewalk/garden (near 15725 138th Pl)
    • Taken care of
  • Open Items
    • Two houses with cars parked on grass/dirt (near 14025 SE 158th St and near 14039 SE 158th St) Does CCnRs allow?
      • Board agrees CCnRs does not allow parking on grass yard
    • dead trees (near 14007 SE 158th St)
      • Bob contacted
    • dead trees (near 15725 138th Pl)
      • Bob contacted
    • Vacant house (upper) status: quote has come through, board to approve- Pete call asap to complete
      • Starting to look bad again…
      • Have Canber cleanup again
      • There is a dead tree against the house
    • Bob to send letters to houses with overgrowing trees, etc.

General Discussion Items:

  • Banners for: 1) Annual Garage Sale 2) Summer Picnic 3) Neighborhood Cleanup, 4) Annual Dues 5) Annual Meeting
    • Banners ordered/completed
    • Annual Dues sign not ordered
  • Management company: could assist in managing HOA enforcement, collecting dues, amending CCnRs. Quotes, discussion with company. First step to get quotes and see budget costs
    • Quote on CCnR update
    • Quote on Management company
  • 2019 Meeting Schedule
    • Next meeting October 2019
    • Annual HOA meeting date, flyers/signage
  • Notification/reminder of general rules (ie. Boats, trailers, parking, etc.)
    • Flyer?
  • 1st week of December Wed or Thursday Annual HOA Meeting
    • book library room