Sept 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Maple Ridge Estates HOA BOD Meeting

September 19, 2018


Call to Order

    • Attendance
      • Rick, Bob, Janet, Pete, Helene, Michael
    • Approval of Meeting Minutes
      • June Meeting Minutes Approved with the following exception
        • Board verified that at the June HOA meeting there was a vote in favor – for quote received of $2,200 – received from Northwest Playground. This was a correction to the meeting minutes from June minutes stating $1,800 was approved.
    • Welcome New Members
      • No new members

Treasurer’s Report

Financials Report out

  • 30 homes still owe for 2018
  • Pete hand delivered notices to house that were returned in the mail, total 9 returned.
    • Pete mentioned putting out sandwich boards to remind people to pay dues.
  • The website billing was transferred from prior President to HOA
  • Open items
    • Pete to see who’s name the Bank of America account is in, should be in HOA name.
    • Pete tasked with coordination of the Audits for 2016 and 2017, Shannon and Vaughn volunteered to perform the Audit.


Committee Reports


Work Completed

      • Monument
        • Bark around monuments – Work completed
      • Common Area Maintenance
        • Dethatch/Reseed
        • Janet requested the play structure company to provide maintenance/tune up.

Open Items

      • Quote for Park Trail graveled to be refreshed
      • Dead tree to be addressed – meeting to discuss trees next week
      • Lighting at Monuments – Rick to follow up with prior President of HOA
        • Camber found no power to lower Monument lights – needs to know where breaker is located
        • Camber looking for location of transformer.


Work Completed

      • One house with Christmas lights.
      • One house with a boat park in front yard.
      • 2 trees on both sides of 158th st have been dropping pine needles and need to be addressed.

Open Items

      • Vacant house (upper) has lawn overgrown.  Bob hand delivered letter to the home.
        • Next step Bob will issue a certified letter telling them to clean up or HOA will at a cost to the owner.
      • Bob (and potentially Janet) will talk to the owner of a home on 158th about a non-functioning car and general maintenance issues


General Discussion Items:


  • Pride of Ownership award – in surrounding neighborhoods, example Fairwood West HOA. Board discussed in general if quarterly award, could incent with discounted dues.  Will put on the agenda for the Annual meeting.


  • New Board Positions
    • Hire HOA Service – Property Mgmt Company – Rick presented that it costs about $3000 for general administrative services. This will be put on the Annual Meeting agenda


  • Neighborhood Picnic
    • Helene presented that 67-people attended, lower that 2017 which had 160 people attend.
    • Helene coordinating with City of Renton for a grant equal to $2 per person.
  • Garage Sale –Summer 2019 same time as Fairwood
  • 2018 Meeting Schedule
    • Annual Board Meeting – November 13 2018 Fairwood Library
      • 2 drawings for ½ HOA dues.
    • Website/Facebook Updates
      • Michael and Helene to post upcoming HOA meeting dates/locations, and keep updated with photos.



Date/Time/Location of Next Meeting:  Annual Board Meeting – November 13 2018 Fairwood Library