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MRE Fall Cleanup

Fri, Oct 6th-Sun, Oct 8th.

As we head into the Fall season, the HOA will be providing a dumpster on-site for disposal of yard waste.

Dumpster will be placed by the neighborhood park.  Note: these are to be used for yard waste only.

September Meeting Minutes


Roseana, Janet, Rick, Brian, Alberta and Bob

Prior Meeting minutes

  • June 2017 meeting minutes (sent via email), approved

Treasurers Report

  • Not discussed as Treasurer was not in attendance
  • Audit to be completed near year-end. Rick will contact HOA members to be part of the Audit committee.
  • CY16 to be audited by the Annual Meeting (eta Nov 2017)



Prior Business

    • Still open item: Play structure- Bob still in contact with the company to discuss the play structure issue. A representative will be sent out to assess the structure.
    • Still open item: Janet/Rick to look for a licensed Arborist who could come assess the trees in the Common Area. Rick has a contact
    • Closed: Mutt Mitts- Alberta found a cheaper alternative on Amazon and has ordered supplies. Both Alberta and Janet have keys and bags for the stands.

New Business

    • Action: Janet to contact Canber to take down dead tree from the park.
    • Action: Plan to re-bark the park in Spring 2018.
    • Action: Janet to contact Canber or another Electrician to assess the lighting at Lower monument. Based on lower monument, will also get the upper monument assessed.



Prior Business

  • Still Open items: Bob contacted the homeowner off 158th again, still an open issue being addressed. Letter will be sent to inform that homeowner that action will be taken by Nov 1st (either homeowner can address or the HOA will enforce the CCR to remedy the violation).


  • ACTION: Need to define process for informing residents that yards need to be maintained.

New Business

  • Rental property (Lakeshore) company will come by end of September to clear out the yard to address any potential rat issues.
  • Home that had pool and trailer will be fully addressed by EOD 9/12.
  • ACTION: Fall Clean up. Janet to contact the company for the dumpster. Potentially will have 2 locations (one lower-same spot, and one upper).
    • Fri, Oct 6th-Sun, Oct 8th
    • Bob will put up the board to make the announcement around Sept 29th
    • Roseana to update the website and facebook.
    • Flyers to be sent out


Next Meeting and Topics:

  • Next meeting is Annual HOA meeting in November 15th (Wednesday) 7-9pm
    • Flyers to be printed
    • Website and Facebook to be updated