June 2017 Meeting Minutes


Roseana, Janet, Pete, Rick, Brian, Julie, Alberta and Bob

Visitor: Helene

  • Prior Meeting minutes
    • April 2017 meeting minutes (sent via email)
  • Summer Picnic
  • Date: Saturday, July 22nd.
  • Time: 11am-2pm
  • Entertainment: Tug-a-war rope (Janet), Parachute (Julie), Water Balloons, Sprinkler
  • Note: Janet has the key for the watermain
  • Need to contact City of Renton, to see if the neighborhood can borrow the “Games” trailer.
      • Food: HOA will purchase
      • Tables: boards members will bring a few
      • Marketing: Social media, website and printed flyer (Helene and other board members to hand out)
  • ACTION: Rick will draft the flyer
  • ACTION: Will pass out flyers the weekend June 30th-July 2nd
  • Treasurers Report


Prior Business

  • 2/3 HOA dues have been paid.

New Business

  • Spring Clean Up invoice has been paid
  • Maintenance


Prior Business

  • Spring Clean Up
    • Note: there was a lot of debris just thrown on the ground (not in the dumpster). Dumpsters filled quickly, may need to increase to 2 next year. Look at old Facebook post which included some etiquette tips for the dumpster
      • Canber trimmed the trees and the neighbors’ responses have been positive
      • Canber suggested dethatching grass every other year.
      • PENDING: Canber action regarding the tree stump
      • Play structure: Pete has the ladder in his backyard.
        • Janet received parts for the play structure.
        • ACTION: Bob will attempt to install the parts, found the tool
        • Ladder has chipped paint, will need to seal the paint. There is a new ladder in Pete’s yard, but look to repaint the current ladder.
      • Mutt Mitts Update: Janet got the keys from Shannon and boxes of the bags and refilled the stations. Janet and Alberta each have keys for the boxes.
        • ACTION: Alberta to look for other bags (lower cost options).

New Business

  • ACTION: Alberta to look for lower cost options for Mutt Mitts replacement. New box option and bags (biodegradable option?).
  • ACTION: Janet to look for a licensed Arborist who could come assess the trees in the Common Area. Rick has a contact.
  • ACC


  • Prior Business
    • RV and Boat have been moved. Vegetation has been trimmed for the house off of 158th.
  • Still Open items: contacted the homeowner off 158th regarding the wood pile/fencing material and BBQ pit are still on the driveway. Have contacted the homeowner multiple times, will follow up verbally again before sending a note.


New Business

    • reviewed the roof being installed on 158th st and approved the material.
    • ACTION: Need to define process for informing residents that yards need to be maintained.
    • ACTION: will follow up with the rental property management company to get the yard maintained.
    • ACTION: will contact Homeowner regarding the renters who are parking on the sidewalk.



     Next Meeting and Topics: Tuesday, September 12th Brian will host.

    • Garage Sale weekend of June 23rd-June 25th. Signs have been put up and will update Facebook.
    • City of Renton has a projector and sound system to rent for Movie nights.     
    • Fall Clean up will happen late Sept/early Oct