April 2017 Meeting Minutes


Roseana, Janet, Brian, Alberta, Bob, Pete

  • Prior Meeting minutes
    • Feb 2017 meeting minutes (sent via email)
  • Treasurers Report
    • HOA due letters have been sent out.
    • Some overdue payments have been made.
  • Maintenance


Prior Business

  • Canber quote for common area discussed: proposal of $2,285, HOA to cover 100%.
          • Vote-APPROVED to proceed.
          • ACTION: Ask Canber to assess if any other trees in the common area need to be trimmed or taken down.
          • ACTION: Janet will provide the neighboring housing a verbal notice prior to the trees being removed.
        • Play structure Update: Pete has the ladder in his backyard.
          • ACTION: Janet to see if Shannon had provided her the tool needed to install the ladder.
          • ACTION: Janet to call the company directly to inquire if the play structure has been redesigned or if there are any known issues with the model. Brian will look for email from the local sales rep.
        • Mutt Mitts Update: Janet got the keys from Shannon and boxes of the bags.
          • ACTION: Alberta to look for other bags (lower cost options).
          • New Business
        • Spring Clean-up for first weekend in May
            • ACTION: Janet to get updated quote and reserve for May 5-7th.

        • ACTION: Alberta/Bob to put up the sandwich boards set up no later than April 23rd. Roseana to update Facebook page and Website with announcement.
          • **Add note with verbiage regarding the compostable bags that can be picked up weekly…instead of adding those to the dumpster.
        • Dethatching of the grass in the common area. In the past had it done but then with heat wave didn’t take.
          • ACTION: Janet to request a bid from Canber for the following:
            • thatching of grass
            • removal of the tree stump (of the tree that fell in 2016).
  • ACC
    • followed up with the resident regarding the RV.  Sent a certified letter to the homeowner as a 1st warning. Will follow up and see if RV comes back. If needed will send a 2nd letter indicating a fine and/or lien.
    • contacted the homeowner off 158th regarding the wool pile/fencing material and BBQ pit taken care off by first weekend of May.
    • contacted the homeowners of the house off 158th regarding the vegetation growing over the sidewalk. Indicated they will have it taken care of in 2 weeks.   
    • Pending- RE: pre-printed signage (garage sale, annual meeting, etc.). Bob has gotten new markers and will test out the current signs.


  • Board Goals for 2017
  • Open Item: Board to discuss updating CCRs.
    • Board members to review other neighborhood CCRs to do a gap analysis and propose additions or updates to the current CCRs (% of renters, liability of renters to the owners, enforcement of violations, etc.)

Next Meeting and Topics: June 14th (Wednesday) to be hosted by Janet

  • Garage Sale (3rd weekend in June) along with other neighborhoods
  • Picnic (tentative late July/early August)
  • City of Renton has a projector and sound system to rent for Movie nights.