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November 16th 2016 HOA Annual Meeting Notes

Maple Ridge Estates Annual Board Meeting

I. Call to Order

a. In attendance: Board members Brian, Rick, Alberta, Roseana, Pete, Janet, Julie and Shannon.

II. Treasurers Report

Pete handed out a copy of the HOA account balances to all in attendance. He also gave us updates on past due houses for the annual dues, what the expenses were for utilities this year compared to last year and other expenses for the year.

III. Committee Report

a. Maintenance

  • Members of board cleaned the monument this year on the 156th entrance of the neighborhood and Brian replaced the lights. Canber will also be sprucing up the plants on both the upper and lower entrances.
  • Some neighbors of the common area have trees hanging over their yard that are ruining their grass and wanted to know if the HOA could trim the trees since they are in the common area. The board has gotten one bid to trim all trees that hang over neighbors yards and we are working on getting a 2nd bid. While the HOA is not responsible for trimming any branches that hang over peoples yards, we are looking into options.
  • We had sprinkler leaks near the play structure and Canber replaced some of the leaking sprinklers.
  • We recently had an incident with the mailboxes in our neighborhood. After speaking with the mailman, it was determined that a postal employee forgot to lock the mailboxes. Some neighbors reported having some mail stolen as they were left unlocked and opened. They were advised to file a police report online.

b. ACC

  • There is a rat problem at 15601 140th – This house is a rental and the board is in touch with the property management company and they are bringing a company out to look at the rat problem and clean it up. The hillside at that house is full of blackberry bushes and the rats are destroying neighbors car engines.
  • There are a few houses that have trailers/RV’s in their drive ways. Per our CCR’s, they must be hidden from view from the street. One homeowner who has an RV in their driveway was present and had concerns as he has no where else to put his RV. He was reminded where to view the bylaws and CCR’s and we advised the board can help come up with solutions but they would have to move the RV or move it so it is not visible.  The board has also sent out letters to other people who are in violation as well.

IV. Business

a. Noise Pollution Study – Jesse came in and spoke to us about a study he is doing about noise pollution and the effects it has on neighborhoods.

b. Renters-we discussed that we are trying to get in touch with people who are renting so they know the neighborhood has bylaws they also must follow.

c. The board/Rick is working on a one page letter that has the most popular CCR’s on it that we can pass out at events, new home owners and renters.

d. new members-2 members are leaving this year and we did not get any new volunteers.

e. Next meeting is scheduled for 2/8/17 at 7 pm. Place to be determined.

The two winners for half off next years dues are Bob Denesen and Mel Roberts.