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Upcoming Meeting – Feb 12, 2014

We will be holding a meeting on February 12th. Anyone is welcome to attend. The meeting will be held at Theresa’s house at 13916 SE 156th St.

On the agenda:

  • Final vote for approval of the playground (this is not a forum for further discussion)

Jan 22, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Maple Ridge Estate HOA Meeting 1/22/14

1/22/14 – 7 PM

Board Members Present: Brian, Ian, Sean, Rick, Alberta, Julie, Theresa & Shannon

Minutes approved from last meeting on 11/14/13

Play Structure:

  • It was decided to have a board meeting 2/12/14 to vote on a play structure. We are inviting the community to attend and vote. Ian will put up the meeting notice on the HOA website and Theresa will put out the reader boards announcing the meeting 2 weeks before the meeting.
  • We have one quote for a play structure and are getting one more so we will have 2 to vote on.
  • Shannon and Ian will work on the grants from the City of Renton: one for the play structure and a mini grant for the bench.  A home owner is donating $500 for a bench.

Treasury report:

Pete was gone. Ian will get an audit done on the bank accounts for the HOA. 2 people outside of the board will complete the audit.

New Members and Positions:

  • President: Brian Ellis
  • Vice President: Ian Obermiller
  • Treasurer: Pete Giere
  • Secretary: Shannon Creekmore
  • Maintenance: Michael Sean hart and Theresa Raleigh
  • ACC: Alberta Denesen, Rick Sarkany, Julie Soranaka

Items Discussed:

  • 2 weeks ago an elderly lady was attacked by a mentally challenged young man near SE 158th and 139th Ct SE while she was going to the mail box. He was arrested. Shannon will contact the city to see what information we can release on our website and to our community about the incident and will report back on the next meeting.
  • There is a boat that has been parked on the road for a few weeks with expired tabs. Sean will call the city of Renton to have them come out.
  • Theresa gave Rick the address and license plate of a speeder in the neighborhood so he can report them to the police department.
  • Rick drafted a letter to send to the owners of the chickens. He will send that out to the board members to review the letter then will personally hand deliver the letter with one other person.
  • Sean reported that people are seeing an increase in rats. He will call the city of Renton to see if there is anything the city can do. One person has excess garbage on their property than may be attracting the rats.
  • There is still a lot of poop in the common areas. While there is one known person doing this there may be others as well.  It was approved by all members that Shannon will purchase more Mutt Mitts to supply to help eliminate the problem. Rick will also look at signs to put up to remind people to pick up their poop.
  • Ian is setting up the new HOA website and it should be up and running soon so all members will have access to it.