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Oct 10, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Maple Ridge Estates HOA Meeting 10/10/13

Members present: Shannon, Ian, Pete, Julie, Theresa, Alberta, Sean

Minutes approved from last meeting on 8/22/13

Treasury Report:

  • Pete gave us a treasurers report. We have $60,665.49 total in reserves.
  • About 20 people still have not paid dues for the year. He will go to the peoples houses and drop off letters reminding them to pay by end of the year.

Maintenance Report:

  • Sean said he will be ordering the dumpster for Fall Clean Up. It will be here the weekend of Oct 18-20th. ¬†Julie and Theresa will put the boards out on each entrance of the neighborhood this weekend to advertise.
  • It was approved unanimously by the board for Sean to spend $60-$80 for spring bulbs which will be planted in the common area off 140th .
  • Lights on 140th entrance are still going out quickly. Sean suggested LED lights but due to the costs and them being stolen we will look at other options at this point. Each member will try to research outside lights and if any have cages around the lights to people cannot steal them.


  • We have one quote for a playground in the common area on the 140th entrance that Ian secured. It is for $27k. We need 2 more quotes. Brian will have his wives sisters husband company give us a quote and Julie will get the info for the company that just did her church playground.
  • We discussed getting quotes for play structures geared towards 2-12 year old.¬† Swings would be nice.
  • Sean will try to secure a quote from Canber on how much it would cost for them to do some of the work on the playground and get the wood chips versus the company we hire as it would be cheaper to have Canber do some work. If Canber does not call Sean back, we will have Rick call.
  • We would like to have 3 quotes by the annual meeting so we can vote then.
  • A neighbor will be donating $500 for a bench in honor of her late husband that will go near the playground. Brian will look into getting a Grant from the city of Renton to help pay for it.
  • Brian will look into whether the insurance will go up (liability) from the playground.


  • Sandra T. had some concerns and relayed them to Julie. It involved a tree on property owned by the neighborhood and she wants the HOA to take care of the tree. We were unclear on what she wanted to Julie will have her email Brian, the president of the board, her concerns so we can address her specific concerns.
  • Sandra T. also noticed the minutes were not on the HOA website. Julie will convey to her that we are locked out of the website and do not have the password. Brian has been working on this all year. We have copies of all meeting notes (Shannon does) and they will be online once we are able to access the website to upload them.

Annual Meeting:

  • The annual meeting will be Nov 14th at the Renton Library in downtown Renton.
  • Alberta will provide water, juice boxes and cookies.
  • Ian will talk about the playground and we will vote on it.
  • We will try to get Bob to talk about the neighborhood Block Watch Program
  • Shannon will make the flyer and will have them ready by 11/1/13. Members of the board will distribute them to the neighborhood. The boards will be out as well at each entrance of the neighborhood.
  • Need to know how many open positions we will need to fill at the annual meeting. I think 2 peoples terms are up and not sure if they are staying on.

Next meeting will be sometime in the New Year. This will be set after we have new members info.