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Aug 22, 2013 Meeting Minutes

8/22/13 Board Meeting for Maple Ridge Estates

7 PM at Brians house

Present: All members minus Pete and Theresa

Minutes Approved

Chickens have increased in numbers. We already stopped by to have them removed and they were not. Ian and Rick will stop by the house and bring them a letter outlining the CCNR’s for the HOA.

Someone in the neighborhood wants to donate a park bench in memory of her late husband.  City of Renton may match the price of the bench with a grant. We will have to look at that towards end of the year.

Lights on the Maple Ridge sign on 140th entrance burn out quickly. Notify Sean if they are out.

Brian will take down the box for the doggy bags as we are no longer filling them.

We discussed getting garbage cans in the common area and Sean will look into seeing Canber will empty them.

Ian got a quote from one company for a play area in the common area for around $27,000.  Brian will be getting a quote from another company. We plan on getting a vote from the neighborhood at the annual meeting and getting it installed next spring.

We will be putting in the flyer for the annual meeting that we are discussing putting in the play area so people have a chance to give input.

Sean will be getting a dumpster delivered for the weekend of Oct 18 and 19th for yard waste.

Next meeting Oct 3rd 2013 at Shannons house at 7 pm.