2021 Maple Ridge Estate HOA annual meeting

Care to know more about your neighborhood?  Or perhaps want to meet your awesome neighbors? 

Please join us!

What:  2021 Maple Ridge Estate HOA annual meeting!

When:  December 14, 2021 Tuesday 7pm


Michael Arthur is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: MRE HOA Annual Meeting
Time: Dec 14, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Topic: MRE HOA Annual Meeting
Time: Dec 14, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

HOA 2020 Annual Meeting

Care to know more about your neighborhood?  Or perhaps want to meet your awesome neighbors? 

Please join us!

What:  2020 Maple Ridge Estate HOA annual meeting!

When:  December 9, 2020 Wednesday 7pm to 8pm

Where:  via Zoom.  Meeting link below:

Topic: MRE HOA Annual Meeting
Time: Dec 9, 2020 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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MRE BoD Special Meeting 17 June 2020



I. Call to Order at 6pm

II. Attendance Present: Michael, Bob, Robert & Gigi, Jess & Sharon,

                        Absent:  Toni and Pete

III.  General Discussion – main purpose of this special meeting is to discuss and vote on mailbox replacement.

  1. Mail box replacement – the board discussed to replace five to seven boxes depending on the quote and budget.  Jess will call the vendor and ask for quotes and extended discount for the remaining boxes that may be replaced late this year or early next year.
    1. Quote with discount for 10 units.  
    1. Mailbox to be replaced:  A, C, E, F, S
    1. Jess will contact the post office to coordinate as well as handle the key distributions to homeowners
  2. HOA shirt or vest – should the board wear something that has “MRE HOA Board” so homeowners can identify them when walking around soliciting, checking out the neighborhoods, i.e. mailbox, monuments, etc.
  3. Robert – we should receive the final attorney bill soon
  4. Gigi to prepare 2020 financials
  5. Discussed the potential of putting up surveillance cameras, powered by solar and/or electric – wish list as funding becomes available 😊

VI. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:15PM.  Next meeting August 6, Thursday at 6pm.  Location TBD

MRE BoD Meeting 26 May 2020



I. Call to Order at 6pm

II. Attendance Present: Michael, Toni, Bob, Pete, Robert & Gigi, Jess & Sharon, Resident: Sandy

III. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Financials Report – Cash balance; Emergency Reserve
  2. About half of membership dues have been paid

IV. Committee Report

  1. Maintenance
  2. Monuments – will be power washed by Jess and Robert to save $1,500
  3. Michael is looking into solar powered lighting for the monument at 156th street.
  4. The upper monument is not in bad shape; has two light bulbs that are burned, just need to be replaced.
  5. Tampered mailboxes. Warning signs have been posted. Options to reinforce the locks and security cameras are being explored.
  6. ACC
  7. Diseased trees along 138th and 139th (within the homeowners’ property lines) need to be trimmed or cut down. 
  8. Need to contact the city regarding poor drainage on 158th street.

V. General Discussion

  1. Board discussed the lawyer’s recommendations for updating the CC&R and By Laws.
  2. Board to engage the homeowners regarding provisions that are (1) obsolete and inconsistent with the law that must be updated, (2) deemed restrictive or too relaxed that could be improved if there is enough support from members.
  3. Board (Michael and Bob?) will create a flyer that summarizes what’s been done in the neighborhood including the recent application for Articles of Incorporation, and will highlight the concerns on the obsolete CC&R
  4. Community picnic 2020. Covid-19 restrictions still in place. Food truck explored.

VI. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM. Next meeting scheduled July 2nd – location: TBD

MRE BOD Special Meeting 22-April 2020

HOA MEETING, 4/22/2020

In Attendance: Mike, Bob, Jesse, Gigi & Robert T

Discussed questions to ask the lawyer:

  • Implementation – must be approved by 75% homeowners. 
    • Initial recommendation by the lawyer was to write a letter and mail to homeowners (HO) and assist the Board with HO questions.
    • Cost varies depending on how much time is expended. Lawyer’s email forwarded to Board Jan. 30, 2020 puts typical cost for amendments to be in the range of $2,500 – $4,000 depending on the number of revisions recommended. Board will ask for a quote.
    • Completion date (how long would it take to complete?)
  • Virtual meeting or conference call with the attorney?  When?

Proposed May 8, Friday at 6:30pm.  Checked with the lawyer.  Dates that work for him are May 11, 12, or 13 at 5:30pm


  • Bob’s questions discussed with the Board:

CCR issues, concerns that I am hoping a rewrite of our documents would provide specific guidance

MRE BOD Meeting 2-Apr-2020

Maple Ridge Estates HOA BOD Meeting 4/2/2020


  • Call to Order
    • Attendance (Virtual) – Michael, Bob, Gig, Jess, Robert
    • Send instructions for virtual google hangouts
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Committee Reports
    • Maintenance
      • Monuments
        • Electrical evaluation pending…
        • Pressure wash upcoming months
      • Trees
      • Neighborhood park
        • ‘Kinked’ edging Canber will correct when next available
      • Other
    • ACC
      • Roof approvals processed past month
      • Houses have removed christmas lights that are still up
      • Continued work on dead tree removal
  • Covenant Update
    • Spring Cleanup
      • Set up Banners, update website
    • Reminder to residents regarding rules of covenant
  • Other Business

MRE BoD Meeting 20 February 2020



I. Call to Order at 7pm

II. Attendance1. Present: Michael, Toni, Bob, Pete, Janet, Robert, and Gigi2. Absent: Jess

III. Treasurer’s Report

1. Financials Report out

• HOA letters are being prepared and will be mailed out in early April

• Last big expense – trees removal, playground and park maintenance gravel included; total cost paid

 • Total remaining balance
• Total reserve:  restricted for major expense such as sprinklers.

 • The Board approved a 5% HOA Dues increase.  
• Audit Update (Treasurer’s report) – Pete will handle

IV. Committee Report

1. Maintenance

• Playground, benches, trees, gravel – all done• Spring clean-up – scheduled to 1st weekend of April

• Monuments – will be power washed by Camber

• Michael to request a quote from a professional electrician to repair the lighting on the monument at 156th street. 

• Abandoned house is being cleaned up…would it be put up for sale?  😊

2. ACC

• Christmas Lights – all taken down except one house.

• A couple homeowners need to power wash sidewalks (greasy)

• Air B&B house finally sold.  New owner moved in. 

• Dead trees on one house at 138th and 158th street need to be cut down3. General Discussion

• Janet returned all the HOA documents, paper work, files, and tools – Bob will keep.  Michael suggested to digitize all paper work/documents.

• The Board approved legal consultation for the review of governing documents (CC&R and By Laws).

• Digital email and website (Dodo) – Michael will handle

• General rule and misc notifications to homeowners will be included on the dues letters.  • Official letter head.  Pete to email Mike the official letter head and will be put on the website.  • Three request emails from homeowners:  1) double parking – Bob spoke to homeowner.  Will be resolved by Spring. 2) Add a recycle/donation link to the website – ok.  Mike to add.  3) Mailbox – expensive to replace and post office has to approve.

• Board meeting will be held every 1st Thursday of every other month at 7pm.  Gigi wo send out reminder.  • April 2nd, Thursday 7pm• June 4th, Thursday 7pm• August 6th, Thursday 7pm• October 1st, Thursday 7pm• December 3rd, Thursday 7pm4. 

Open Items

• Mailbox – still undecided/TBD.  Put cameras?

• Sprinklers on monuments.

 • 2020 picnic.  Will write a proposal to the city of Renton and request for sponsorship.  Will need to do some kind of community work that benefits the community.  Bob will prepare a sign-up sheet for the Spring clean-up.

• Next meeting, April 2nd – Location: Online

MRE Annual Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Maple Ridge Estates HOA Annual Meeting

Thursday, December 12, 2019


Thank You to 2019 Board Members!!!

  • Call to Order
    • Introductions
    • Attendance – bob, janet, gigi, pete, toni, michael
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • canber maintenance – higher that usual, cleaned up house on 159th pl
      • House is under dispute w owners, not paying attention
      • Regular canber maintenance remains the same
    • Water power ~ same cost.
    • Sprinkler system needs replacement – entire neighbourhood
      • 158th st especially a problem
      • $20k ish… need more estimates
    • Electrical needs replacement on monument
    • Property management company
      • Dues to increase annually
      • ~$10/house/month
  • Committee Reports
    • Maintenance
      • Monuments
        • Lower monument lights being troubleshooted for repair estimate
        • Dead tree behind lower monument approved for removal
        • Upper monument lights require R&R, repair estimate pending
        • 3 dead trees behind upper monument approved for removal
      • Neighborhood park
        • Audit/Inspection of playground complete, recommended cleaning and tree trimming nearby
          • – rating was “excellent” condition
        • Gravel trail scheduled for refill, approved by board
        • Edging will be replaced also along with gravel
        • Dead trees will be removed, overhanging will be cut back
        • Neighbourhood cleanup, bins full
        • Pressure wash monuments, playground etc. in the spring
        • New bark in the spring
    • ACC
      • Airbnb houses
        • Board has unanimously voted that Airbnb violates covenant
        • Current covenant may have loopholes for more of this type of business to exist within our community
      • Trailers/boats on streets and driveways
      • Dead trees on personal properties
      • Vacant house cleanup recurrence
      • Many misc items were addressed this year (trash items, overgrown properties, misc violations etc.)
  • General Comments
    • Banners were purchased to better communicate annual events
    • Reminder to residents regarding rules of covenant: communication method?
  • Business
    • New Members Needed – High recent turnover of board members
    • HOA Management Company
      • Board has been seeking quotes and additional information
      • Annual dues may require adjustment to support management company
    • Drawing

Maple Ridge Estates HOA BOD Meeting, Q3 2019

October 21, 2019


Call to Order

  • Attendance
    • Julie, Bob, Janet, Pete, Michael, Toni
  • Welcome New Members
    • No new members

Treasurer’s Report

Financials Report out

  • Some homes still owe for 2019
  • 4 letters returned, Pete will contact houses
  • Completed items:
    • MRE email account upgraded to premium to remove unsightly advertisements – still not showing as premium
    • Banners completed for posting about events
  • Open items (follow up)
    • Quotes for management company HOA assistance
    • Audit of finances required

Committee Reports


Work Completed

  • Inspection/Audit of the playground
    • Complete
    • Recommend a cleaning
    • Recommend trimming nearby trees that overhang the playground
  • Monument
    • Lower monument lights
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Spring cleanup successful, bin was full
  • Janet will be leaving board

Open Items

  • Quote for new gravel in the park trail
    • Gravel needs updating, currently seeking quote
    • Measurement of the pathway/areas to be covered
    • Robert/Janet work on quotes/method for installing
    • Neighborhood assist or pay for labor?
  • Fall cleanup
    • November 9-11th
    • Bin to be placed in front of house near corner
  • gravel needs reseeding by newly installed accessibility area (near SE 156th & 139th CT SE)
  • Upper monument
    • lighting noticeable dimmer than lower section
    • Upper monument lighting pretty much non existent
    • Quote by canber regarding upgrade of upper lighting
  • Lower monument
    • Power is sourced from nearby house
    • Need to verify where power is supplied
    • Janet attempt to contact homeowner
  • Dead tree removal from park


Work Completed

  • Vacant house cleaned up
  • Airbnb house has communicated that the current tenant will be gone end of Summer.
    • House is for sale
  • Board votes unanimous AirBnb violates HOA CCnRs
  • shopping cart by the park lookout need to dig out and get truck to take back to safeway
    • City of Renton has cleaned up the mess per Janet notification
  • Fire hydrants have been repainted
  • Yard in front of fence appears overgrown (140th Ct SE)
    • Owner cleaned this up promptly
  • Trailer in driveway of house at (14013 SE 158th St)
    • Taken care of
  • 13869 has trash/junk/overgrown in front yard/driveway
    • Taken care of
  • Downed tree on sidewalk/garden (near 15725 138th Pl)
    • Taken care of
  • Open Items
    • Two houses with cars parked on grass/dirt (near 14025 SE 158th St and near 14039 SE 158th St) Does CCnRs allow?
      • Board agrees CCnRs does not allow parking on grass yard
    • dead trees (near 14007 SE 158th St)
      • Bob contacted
    • dead trees (near 15725 138th Pl)
      • Bob contacted
    • Vacant house (upper) status: quote has come through, board to approve- Pete call asap to complete
      • Starting to look bad again…
      • Have Canber cleanup again
      • There is a dead tree against the house
    • Bob to send letters to houses with overgrowing trees, etc.

General Discussion Items:

  • Banners for: 1) Annual Garage Sale 2) Summer Picnic 3) Neighborhood Cleanup, 4) Annual Dues 5) Annual Meeting
    • Banners ordered/completed
    • Annual Dues sign not ordered
  • Management company: could assist in managing HOA enforcement, collecting dues, amending CCnRs. Quotes, discussion with company. First step to get quotes and see budget costs
    • Quote on CCnR update
    • Quote on Management company
  • 2019 Meeting Schedule
    • Next meeting October 2019
    • Annual HOA meeting date, flyers/signage
  • Notification/reminder of general rules (ie. Boats, trailers, parking, etc.)
    • Flyer?
  • 1st week of December Wed or Thursday Annual HOA Meeting
    • book library room